February Wrap up 2021

This month I didn’t spend much time on series and movies.



Season 1

The big bang theory season 1, 17th episodes, if you seen young seldon then you will understand about seldon. Really fun series and they learn lot.. I really enjoyed seeing this series. Seldon live with friends and studying about physics.I hope you like it.


Season 1 and 2

This series like time travelling and science related. In this lyra is the main character her father search about dust which is traveling to another world. In lyra world they cannot live without their daemons, lyra daemon name is Pan. And in another like modern technology is used. A boy travels with lyra to find his father. I hope you like.



About true love

This movie is really nice,about the true love. After high school they applied to universities. But she not got seat on same university of her boyfriend. She got near her boyfriend college. And one day students went a tour in new York. One of her friend got seat in new York. She liked a lot. Then after few days she got seat on New York university. But her boyfriend was so disappointed for this news because they can’t met. At last he understand the about her girlfriend. They lived 4 years far. Long term relationship goes and love never ends. I enjoyed a lot you may like it. Why Anybody not like a love story with happy ending.


The white tiger

This movie is related based on book. After seeing this movie I just wanna read it. Mainly the movie shows about poverty people. How they suffer for food and to live. The driver halwai joins to the richest family for work. He works a lot sincerely and hardworking too. But he got bad impression on richest people because they did mistake and they will push to the driver. They not care about the driver but pinky is different then others. At last halwai became richest entrepreneur.And helped to others. He seen suffers of poverty then he understand everyone work in there car driving company.


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