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Little Nightmares 2: Video Game

Little nightmares 2

Release : February 11th, 2021

Mode: Single player

Genre: Puzzle-platformer, survival horror

Initial released : 9th December, 2020

Designer: Dave Mervik


Survival Horror

A  little boy named Mono wakes up in the forest after having a strange dream about walking in a long hallway that leads to the door with an eye-shaped symbol on it. After evading and disabling some deadly traps scattered in the woods, Mono arrives at a house owned by the Hunter, a sadistic monster who likes to stuff his victims into effigies. Inside, he meets Six who is being held prisoner by the Hunter. Mono offers to help the girl, who initially refuses and runs away, eventually accepts his help and becomes his companion.

The game was released for Microsoft Windows,Stadia,  Nintendo Switch,  PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

It is also available in Steam games.


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