April Wrap Up: English

WEB SERIES: SHADOW AND BONE The Series is based on the trilogy book. The first book of the series shadow and bone is the first season, Episodes 8. It is about the sun summoner, the witches. Grisha is the main part of the story. Alina is the main character of the story she is theContinue reading “April Wrap Up: English”

March Wrap Up 2021:English

Latest movies and webseries. And Next month I will give reviews on English, Hindi and Telugu. WEB SERIES: WANDA VISION After the death of vision, Wanda created a new world under her control. The first few episodes are in black and white old fashion but I enjoyed it a lot. Then it continues to colour.Continue reading “March Wrap Up 2021:English”

February Wrap up 2021

This month I didn’t spend much time on series and movies. WEB SERIES: 1.THE BIG BANG THEORY: The big bang theory season 1, 17th episodes, if you seen young seldon then you will understand about seldon. Really fun series and they learn lot.. I really enjoyed seeing this series. Seldon live with friends and studyingContinue reading “February Wrap up 2021”

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