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Among Us: Steam Game

Among us


Initially released: June 15,2018

Players: 10 players

Mode : Online game

Published: American game studio innersloth. 

Among us is an online multiplayer social deduction game. We can play in mobile so and PC . It was released on IOS and Android device.


You have to create a room to play with others . If you press the create game there are three maps that is the skeld , Mirahq and Polus. We have select the imposter . There are three servers:

North America



Online game

It is a steam game, if you want to play you have to watch stream games in YouTube and you will get the code. The code should enter on private as shown above or as I said you can create your game and share code with your friends. The game starts like this


We have to complete the task given in the screen and imposter will kill us we have to very careful. If you say any dead body you have say by USE. And we can tell all I have seen kill him and suspicious (sus) and we have to vote then many votes way leave game and it is a team game. After dead also you can play do the task to win the game. If your are new to game you can use the map. We can check by scan.

Game with code
The Skeld map
Mirahq map
Polus map

The below shows who is the imposter we have to guess and discuss with players, then vote to that person.

Chat with players

Colours in among us:

When you play hidden sick game you can say who is the imposter but we should be careful with them. Hidden sick is very funny game. If you see someone killing aand dead body you should not intimate to any we should play silently. Like I said it is a Hidden sick we should keep it like secert 😜

Imposter killing

I hope you will like the game


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6 thoughts on “Among Us: Steam Game

  1. I appreciate your presentation skills Vaishnavi, amazing post. You have to sustain it. You are very nice. Headline, pictutes, systematic presentation , everything works smoothly. I am going to download the game, right now.

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