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June Wrap Up 2022

Hi guys after a long time. This time I will be posting weekly twice because too busy with preparations. Webseries 1.Heartstoppers The Series is based on the book(Graphic novel LGBT) season 1. Who read books they know about it very highly rated. And I didn’t read the book looking forward to it. The series isContinue reading “June Wrap Up 2022”

February Wrap Up: 2022

Web Series: 1. THE BIG BANG THEORY This series is about Sheldon. If you watch Young Sheldon then you understand it. Sheldon grows up and studies physics with friends. Comedy and full of entertainment to watch with friends and family too. There are 12 seasons in this series now I just completed two seasons. MainlyContinue reading “February Wrap Up: 2022”

Webseries December wrap up 2021

1. HAWKEYE Perfect webseries to watch at Christmas time. Winter and Christmas vibes are perfect to watch the movie. Clint friend black widow(Natasha) died, He was sad because of her death and another hand kate Bishop lost her father in the war. Kate was inspired by clint so became an archer. She won many medalsContinue reading “Webseries December wrap up 2021”

Animated Movies in Christmas 🎄

I watched so many series and movies in this month. I want to post separately because they are many. So I started with animated movies. 1. THE POLAR EXPRESS This is the best movie to watch at Christmas time. The movie goes on the train. At the north pole, children meet Santa Klaus. The childrenContinue reading “Animated Movies in Christmas 🎄”

Laid Back Camp: Book Review

Laidback camp book is Manga series and I read and seen series too. It is a book about camping, travelling and food. This is the book for those who love travelling through world. This is the best book to choice. There are 7 books in the series. I have read in e-book. As you knowContinue reading “Laid Back Camp: Book Review”


Hi everyone, its a long time back to blogging and youtube videos. Thanks for staying with me after long time. I will post regularly from now on wards. Below are my recent videos in youtube. reading vlog and my birthday haul by loved ones. My first reading vlog not uploaded properly. Next time is willContinue reading “MY RECENT VIDEOS”

September Wrap up:2021

This month I watched only a web series. Do you like horror and ascetic series. If you like it read till the end. 1.Anne with an E The girl Anne is an orphan girl. She was adopted by strangers. She wants to a strangers house to find love and affection. But they want a boy,Continue reading “September Wrap up:2021”

The Boon..waiting to be discovered: Book Review

SELF HELP BOOK WITH FICTION STORY The girl Anusha was depressed about her life and committed suicide. Then she was saved by a man. Her grandfather was unavailable to go to Dharamshala. Instead of him, Anusha went to Dharamshala she met while travelling with her college friend. She is also going to Dharamshala to receiveContinue reading “The Boon..waiting to be discovered: Book Review”


Every morning we wake up and think what to do in a day. Usually now a days, we are in hurry and getting things done. But at the same time we are losing some precious time and moments in the life. Doing work is not only good thing but also managing everything gives you lotContinue reading “START A DAY WITH….”

Audio Books For Beginners

If you are a beginner to listen to an audiobook. These are some books that help to listen to more audiobooks. If you are a beginner don’t pick a long audiobook to pick some short audiobook that will help you. If you listen to podcasts then it is easy to listen. 1.Sonnets by William ShakespeareContinue reading “Audio Books For Beginners”