5G Technology

5G is the fifth generation technology, a broadband cellular network. It is a wireless technology with high speed and reliability. From 1G to 2.5 G and from 3G to 5G has technology developing day by day. For the human seek, it helps a lot. EVOLUTION First Generation: It is only for the voice calls, theseContinue reading “5G Technology”

Mobile Facts

Today technology increasing day by day with new features and making man less effect for work. So in this, I am talking about some pros and cons of mobile. First of all I will talk about advantages. ADVANTAGES 1.FOR EASY COMMUNICATION It will help to connect people and new friends. If we had a problemContinue reading “Mobile Facts”

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic is an entity which is capable of being programmed by a computer for doing complex tasks is known as a robot. In terms of RPA, this task would be mimic the human actions. A sequence of steps, that lead to a meaningful activity or task is known as a process. When a task happensContinue reading “Robotic Process Automation”

Everything-as-a-service(XAAS) :

XaaS is a cloud computing term for services and application s accessed on demand over the internet as opposed to being utilized on premise. It means customers can gain access to a wide array of things from software and devices to AI and security, without having to purchase any physical products. MAIN FEATURES: High scalabilityContinue reading “Everything-as-a-service(XAAS) :”

Intelligent Apps (I-Apps)

Intelligent Apps are the application which acquires real-time and historical data from user interactions and other sources in order to provide suggestions and make predictions. I-Apps make use of cognitive API, which include advanced AI features such as machine learning and Internet of things. The next generation apps that recognize sppech, do translations etc., HOWContinue reading “Intelligent Apps (I-Apps)”

Signal App

Signal is a cross-platform encrypted messaging service. It was created by Moxie Marlinspike, an American cryptographer. The app as we know it today is developed by the Signal Foundation and Signal Messenger. It was initial release on july 29,2014. Stable release in Android, iOS and desktop. It will work in windows 7, MacOS, Linux distributions,Continue reading “Signal App”

Beacon Technology

Beacon is an intentionally conspicuous device designed to attract to a specific location. A common example is the lighthouse, which provides a fixed location that can be used to navigate around obstacles or into port. Beacons help guide navigators to their destinations. Classically, beacons were fires lit at well known locations on the hills orContinue reading “Beacon Technology”

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is an interactive experience of a Real-world environment where the objects that reside in the real world are are enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information. The first AR technology was developed in 1968at Harvard when computer scientist Ivan Sutherland (named the father of computer graphics) created an AR head-mounted display system. From itsContinue reading “Augmented Reality”

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