Happy Ugadi

According to Hindu Lunar Calendar, the Ugadi festival is New year. It is celebrated at the month of April. WHY WE CELEBRATED UGADI It is the Festival at the beginning of the year in March/ April at the beginning of the spring season. According to Hindu belief, Brahma created the universe writes the faith ofContinue reading “Happy Ugadi”

The Sun And Her Flowers: Book Review

POEMS/POETRY Short read in this week because of some work. Poems from Rupi kaur romantic and depth of feelings. The book is full of poems and illustration. The book talks about love, marriage and loneliness kill women. The author gives example about nature. In her poems. The book divided into five parts. Wilting Falling RootingContinue reading “The Sun And Her Flowers: Book Review”

Mobile Facts

Today technology increasing day by day with new features and making man less effect for work. So in this, I am talking about some pros and cons of mobile. First of all I will talk about advantages. ADVANTAGES 1.FOR EASY COMMUNICATION It will help to connect people and new friends. If we had a problemContinue reading “Mobile Facts”

Becoming Michelle Obama: Book Review

MEMOIR/ AUTOBIOGRAPHY At last, I completed reading this book. It takes me to complete nearly one month. Today I completed reading this book. I picked this book on March ( womens day). After reading this book I want to read promise land book by Barack Obama. This book about her from childhood to returning fromContinue reading “Becoming Michelle Obama: Book Review”

March Wrap Up 2021:English

Latest movies and webseries. And Next month I will give reviews on English, Hindi and Telugu. WEB SERIES: WANDA VISION After the death of vision, Wanda created a new world under her control. The first few episodes are in black and white old fashion but I enjoyed it a lot. Then it continues to colour.Continue reading “March Wrap Up 2021:English”

Happy for your support|200+followers

Thank you each and everyone who supported me. I will give more what can which will useful to you. I am shocked first of all reaching a little forward. When I say notification of my followers. Afterwards, I feel very happy all because of your support. In this blog, everything will available, Latest books andContinue reading “Happy for your support|200+followers”

The 5 AM Club: Book Review

The 5 am club by Robin Sharma. If you want a healthy and happy life, to achieve goals it is the best book. Read until the end it helpful to us. The author spends four years writing this book. SELF-HELP BOOK The 5 am club is based on a revolutionary morning routine to activate forContinue reading “The 5 AM Club: Book Review”

Happy Holi- Celebrate Good Over Evil

Wish you a safe and happy holi to all my dear friends. I hope this year also we should keep distance because of corona so be careful while playing. WHY WE CELEBRATE HOLI: We celebrate Holi from the 7th century from the Hindu calendar. The Evil King Hiranyakashipu worship Lord Vishnu to give powers like everyoneContinue reading “Happy Holi- Celebrate Good Over Evil”

How To Manage Work And Studies

Many are struggling with how to manage studies and work. In this post, I will give you tips to manage. Read full post its really helpful. BEST TIME TO READ Morning or Night? Some will read in the morning. Because you will wake up with a fresh mind and not thinking about anything. If weContinue reading “How To Manage Work And Studies”

Respect Her Thoughts

Just tried, I hope you like it. The girl wants to go out but many are stopping her not doing anything. Understand the girl first Don’t kill her happiness What she wants let her do it Pressuring the girl, not good to everyone If you give love to her in returns she gives a lotContinue reading “Respect Her Thoughts”

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