The Sun And Her Flowers: Book Review


Short read in this week because of some work. Poems from Rupi kaur romantic and depth of feelings.

The sun and her flowers

The book is full of poems and illustration. The book talks about love, marriage and loneliness kill women. The author gives example about nature. In her poems. The book divided into five parts.






Rupi Kaur is an Indian-born Canadian poet, illustrator and author. She received widespread popularity, after the publication of her debut book Milk and honey in 2014.

I am not a lover of poems but after reading the milk and honey book. I wanna a read more books of poems. Rupi Kaur second book the sun and her flowers. Rupi Kaur poems are very depth and it feels emotional. Honestly, I love it but compared to milk and honey the sun and her flowers book is a little disappointed. In the poem, the girl lives with nature like the sun ☀️ and lonely. She was hurt by her lover. The mother gives suggestions about the marriage life. How to live with her husband and family. she was deeply hurt by her lover. It takes her one year to come to normal life. And I Love illustration too. It is easy to understand and read, the author does not use big words. I hope you like it. If you love reading poems you should pick this book.




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32 thoughts on “The Sun And Her Flowers: Book Review

  1. I love to read interesting stories.
    Recently I started my blog even I m not a good writer.
    Your blog is makes me exited.
    Keep go on.

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