Becoming Michelle Obama: Book Review


At last, I completed reading this book. It takes me to complete nearly one month. Today I completed reading this book. I picked this book on March ( womens day). After reading this book I want to read promise land book by Barack Obama.

Becoming Michelle Obama

This book about her from childhood to returning from the White House. Michelle Obama experience and her thoughts from her childhood. Her childhood from the south side of Chicago. And how she found her time and as well as in the White House. How she manages her personal and professional life. How she cared about her children and Barack Obama.

The book was released on 13 November 2018.

I completed this book at last. Writing is easy to understand for everybody. Inspiring to all women how she managed all the things. And book divided into three parts.


In this part, the author talks about her childhood and her studies. How she was supported by her parents. Her father, Fraser taught her to work hard, laugh often and keep her word. Her mother, Marian showed how to think for herself and how to use her voice. Her brother, Craig he supported her in many ways and protected her. Michelle Obama love music from her childhood. She practices with her aunty. And she is strong and she stands for her self. She works in the summer for money.


In this part, she talks about, How she met Obama. When she was studying at college her father passed. She practising lawyer course and at the same Obama met her in practice. Slowly they fall in love and understanding each other. It takes to marriage. After marriage Obama spend a lot of months writing about DREAMS FROM MY FATHER. After writing the book Obama and Michelle spend time together. They have two daughters Malia and Sahsa. Living a happy life with her family. Unfortunately, Obama mother passed. It takes too much time to accept it.


These are some pictures from the book. After working 21 weeks Obama became the 44th president of the United States. They went to the White House. Spending 8 years on White House. Managing her professional work and her children. And helping others. When second-time election there are many problems faced by Michelle and at the same time she cared about her children and their studies. They met Elizabeth and many famous persons. The book will end with leaving the White House.




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50 thoughts on “Becoming Michelle Obama: Book Review

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  1. I watched documentary movie about Michelle Obama and her book. She is very interesting, inspiring and strong women. And she has a good sense of humor.
    You did very good book review.

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