March Wrap Up 2021:English

Latest movies and webseries. And Next month I will give reviews on English, Hindi and Telugu.



Wanda Vision season 1

After the death of vision, Wanda created a new world under her control. The first few episodes are in black and white old fashion but I enjoyed it a lot. Then it continues to colour. Many twists and suspense. In the middle of the season, it is very emotional. At the end of the season, Wanda lives a normal person as a human.



2021 movie

Tom and Jerry movie by Tim Story. It is a comedy and family entertainment movie. Jerry moves to a hotel lives as a legend and Kayla joined the same hotel. And the game begins tom and Jerry. And Kayla got a wedding event to do it but there are many distractions between Jerry so Kayla teamed with tom to catch Jerry. One day tom and Jerry are together without fighting but the event was spoiled by them. In the end, the event went smoothly. If you’re tom and Jerry lover you should watch this movie. I hope you like it.


Animation movie

Raya and the last dragon is an animated movie. I loved it. The story is about the dragons and their life. The five countries are founding for dragons to unite them. 500 years ago humans and dragons lived together but the monster drunn threatened the land. Dragons sacrifice themselves for humans. All power is given to one dragon to save the world. And the monster returned to kill the last dragon. Raya is helping the dragon. The story goes to collect the dragon powers. I enjoyed a lot. You may like if your animated lover.



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