The 5 AM Club: Book Review

The 5 am club by Robin Sharma. If you want a healthy and happy life, to achieve goals it is the best book. Read until the end it helpful to us. The author spends four years writing this book.


The 5 am club is based on a revolutionary morning routine to activate for health and bulletproof. It has helped so many accomplish epic results while upgrading their happiness, helpfulness and feelings of aliveness. A story about two struggling strangers who meet an eccentric tycoon who becomes their secret mentor, the 5 am club will walk you through.

  • A step by step method to protect the quietest hours of daybreak.
  • A little known formula you can use instantly to wake up early.
  • How great geniuses, business titans and the worlds wisest people start their mornings to produce astonishing achievements.
  • And formula for sleeping early, giving precious time for yourself to think.
  • Insider only tactics, to define your gifts , talents and dreams.


Robin Sharma is a Canadian author. Sharma worked as a litigation lawyer until age 25. Widely considered one of the worlds top leadership and personal optimization advisors, his clients include famed billionaires, professional sports superstars and many fortune 100 companies. He is a globally respected humanitarian.

The first of the book about a story of two strangers suffering from the stress and pressure of work. And the second part of the book steps, methods and formulas of your daily life. Many formulas for early morning and sleeping it really helpful to us. The author gives more information about health and mindset and improves your work and sleep.

THE 20/20/20 FORMULA

5:00 am to 5:20 am MOVE

  • Intense exercise, sweat hard, learn, hydrate, breath deeply because to cleanses cortisol, serotonin increase, metabolism elevates and bonf flows.
  • Benefits: more focus plus productivity, energy grows, less stress and focus on the work.

5:20 am to 5:40 am REFLECT

  • Journal, meditate, plan, pray and contemplate because gratitude boasted awareness soars, happiness lifts, wisdom develops and serenity expands.
  • Benefits: Greater positivity, decreased reactivity, higher creativity, richer life and stronger performance.

5:40 am to 6:00 am GROW

  • Review goals consume audiobooks, listen to podcasts and study online because of the 2x3x mindset, knowledge depends, master change and confidence accelerate.
  • Benefits: Better Income plus impact craft calibration, domain dominance, personal growth and inspiration rises.

THE 90/90/1 RULE

In this rule, we should take one topic or for your field or activity. We have to study for 90 minutes for 90 days. Only focus on one topic with focus.

Many formulas taken notes

After reading think and grow rich book I started taking notes of self-help books and started planning. The above are some important formulas. It’s difficult to say or write about methods. I suggest this book for everyone who can’t manage their anger and stress. I hope it will help you in your daily life and success in your life. Everything is there in this book and a fiction story to understand the formulas.





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