Happy Holi- Celebrate Good Over Evil

Wish you a safe and happy holi to all my dear friends. I hope this year also we should keep distance because of corona so be careful while playing.

Happy Holi


We celebrate Holi from the 7th century from the Hindu calendar. The Evil King Hiranyakashipu worship Lord Vishnu to give powers like everyone should worship him and no human or animal should not kill him. Then all are worshipping the king hiranyakashipu but his son Prahlad was worship to Lord Vishnu. Then hiranyakashipu got angry and giving punishments to his son.

Still, Prahlad was praying to Lord Vishnu then hiranyakashipu sister Holika sits in the fire with Prahlad. Prahlad prays to Vishnu then Holika burns in the fire. Then Vishnu comes in the Narasimha avatar and he killed hiranyakashipu.


There are many stories behind Holi Lord Krishna and Radha. Radha says to Krishna about the colour of his face. Krishna goes to Yashodha and says about everything Radha said to him His mother, Yashoda, playfully suggested that he smear some brightly coloured powder on Radha’s face. After Krishna did this, Radha fell in love.

Lord shiva and pravathi story also related to holi. Lord shiva was in deep mediation. All gods are fear to awaken Lord Shiva from his meditation, all the Gods and Goddess went to seek the help of Kamadeva. Though Kamadeva was feared to disturb Shiva’s meditation, knowing the importance of the situation agreed to do this for the wellness of the three worlds. Lord Kama Dev left a floral love arrow which waked up Mahadeva’s Tapas. Lord Shiva was furious for disturbing his meditation and opened his third eye and made Kamadeva into ashes.Kama Dahanam ritual is that a person should get rid of all his selfish desires with the burning of Holika. 


It is a two-day celebrating festival today and tomorrow. Today we burn all unnecessary thing old clothes and bad habits and starting a new life by burning things.The first day is known as Holika Dahan.

On the second day we celebrate Holi good over evil. Without any religion and all are equal we celebrate with colours.


Red colour for love, passion and fertility. Blue colour for Krishna face and sky. Yellow colour for knowledge, learning, happiness and meditation. Green colour for nature.

Holi festival at the beginning of the spring season with lots of happiness. Once again happy holi.




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