How To Manage Work And Studies

Many are struggling with how to manage studies and work. In this post, I will give you tips to manage. Read full post its really helpful.


Morning or Night?

Some will read in the morning. Because you will wake up with a fresh mind and not thinking about anything. If we read in the morning it will fix in your mind. There is no distraction in the morning.

Some will read at midnight. It is also helpful. Because at night it will peaceful in the surroundings. All are in sleep there will be no disturbance.

When we read at night it will help but it will affect your health. If there is enough sleep you may have some health issues. Some will manage to sleep in the afternoon if they are staying at night.


When your interest in a subject or your work then anytime is the best time. But I will work in the morning mostly and sometimes evening.


1.Choose a Place to work or study

Choose a place with pleasant and comfortable to work. There should not be any distraction while doing work. You may replace a candle instead of light it will give very pleasant to read.

2.Use Pomodoro

The timer will help you complete the work in time. Set time and tell to yourself to complete work within this time. It’s will help you save time and work will complete on time or before the deadline. Many apps will help you like the timers forest app, it is also a timer app.

3.Keep Away Phone while reading

It is the biggest enemy while reading or doing work because we always check notifications on the phone. Better keep the phone silent while reading. You can’t do work while your phone with you.

Just keep away from your seek for a little time.

4.Group Work or Combined Studies

Sometimes group work will help not all the time. Some are intelligent in different things they will share there ideas and concept and how they will work. So some times it will helpful.

Sometimes combined studies will cheat chat and laughing at each other. If a situation comes go away from the group for a while from distraction.

5.Music helps to Clam while reading

Some times it will help you listen to music to calm and peace from work and stress. And most important is Planning your work as I posted about planning it will also helpful to you.



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