How To Speak English Fluently: Tips

1.Daily learn a new word meaning:

1.Daily pick up a word , pronounce and search for meaning. And then use that word make a sentence.

2. Note that word in a book, read it daily. Then you can recall yesterday’s word and today.

3.Go on until 3 months.

2.Watch English News/ Read News Paper:

1.Daily watch news that you can listen and you can get the some sentence formation.

2. Reading newspaper is good habit. Just read the headlines. If anything interesting then you can learn whole thing.

3.It will increase your vocabulary.

3.Watch English movies/ Web series:

1.By watching English movies and web series you can increase the way talking.

2.When the word is lowering. When the word is aloud. Where the words we use.

3.You can watch by downloading subtitles for movies. Now I am seeing movies without subtitles. And I increase the talking.

Some Web series are easy English to understand




Killing eve


4.Speak With Others:

1.When your are meeting friends just talk with them in English, you should pick a friend who speaks English fluent and freely talks to other then you know how to speak. If any mistake then they will clear.

2.When your speaking, if any mistake you made it’s not a problem. Sometimes it happens but don’t step back if some are laughing at you or teasing you. Just your learning.

Think that everyone don’t know everything they are also not perfect in all things.

5.Read Books:

1.By reading books you can increase you speed of talking.

2.If your a beginners don’t pick up a biography or nonfiction book.

3.Pick up fiction books like thriller, fantasy and love story books. In fiction books you will imagination also increase.

4.Daily read atleast 30 minutes.

6.Listen to Podcasts:

1.By listening,you can refresh your mind. There are many podcasts to listen. Backgrounds of podcasts really impact to us.

2.There are many types of podcasts like spiritual podcast. English improvement podcasts, ted talks and etc.,



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