Everything-as-a-service(XAAS) :


XaaS is a cloud computing term for services and application s accessed on demand over the internet as opposed to being utilized on premise. It means customers can gain access to a wide array of things from software and devices to AI and security, without having to purchase any physical products.


High scalability

Location independence

Device independence

Multi tenancy devices

Unlimited Storage

These are the three main types of cloud computing.

Software as a service:

Saas is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. Saas is considered to be part of cloud computing. Saas apps are typically accessed by users using a thin client that is via a web browser. It is mainly used in many business applications.


Platform as a service:

Provide virtual machines but it does not replace a business entire IT infrastructure and it also provide other resources for application development and testing. It is mainly used in Amazon Web Services and heroku.


Infrastructure as a service:

Allow Organizations to deploy, configure virtual machines and manage those virtual machines remotely. Iaas supplies a range of services to accompany those infrastructure components. These services are increasingly policy driven and includes detailed billing, monitoring, log access and more. These are mostly used in google compute engine and Microsoft Azure.



1.Cost saving


3.Accelerate market agility

4.Better backup

5.Diaster recovery planning


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